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Pride and Prejudice GPT-3 Experiment 2


[An argument can be heard from outside the house.]
KITTY: Lydia, that’s mine!
LYDIA: It’s mine now. You’d never wear it anyway.
KITTY: I would, I wanted to wear it today! Look what you’ve done to it! Mamma! Mamma!
[Elizabeth hesitates to go inside. Instead, she walks outside to peek in her father’s library window.]
KITTY: Lydia has torn up my bonnet, made it up new, and says she will wear it to church! Tell her she shall not, Mamma!
LYDIA: I shall wear it, Mamma!
[Mr Bennet rolls his eyes, and gives Elizabeth a chuckling smile.]
LYDIA: I beg you would tell her so, for it’s all my own work, and she would be a fright in it, because she’s too plain to look well in it!
[Elizabeth smiles at her father, rolls her eyes, and walks away from the window.]
LYDIA: No, you shall not have it! Mamma, tell her it is so.
[Kitty tries to grab the bonnet, but misses, and chases Lydia around the table trying to get it. Lydia puts herself on the other side of their mother, who is sitting in a chair.]
MRS BENNET: Girls! Would you tear my nerves into shreds?! Oh, let her have it, Kitty, and be done.
KITTY: But it’s mine! You let her have everything that is mine.
[Kitty runs out crying. Lydia puts on the bonnet. Kitty wipes her nose as she cries as she runs through the front hall, where Jane enters from another room and Elizabeth comes in from outside.]
MRS BENNET: Oh, what is to become of us all? Jane! Lizzy! Where are you?
[The Jane and Elizabeth exchange amused looks before heading to the drawing room. Elizabeth removes her hat as she walks.]
JANE: Here, Mamma.
ELIZABETH: Coming Mamma.


MRS BENNET: Oh, there you are! I have had such a disturbance in my nerves. Lydia has done something so impertinent.

[ Elizabeth smirks and Jane giggles as they go to sit down.]

KITTY: And so ungrateful after all your indulgence! But I beg you would tell her she is not to wear it, for it is mine, and her sister’s too, that bought it for me last week. It was four shillings less than what I gave for mine. Tell her so from me. Do not let her wear it.

MRS BENNET: Oh, do not tease about it any more, Kitty. Where is your sister Mary?

KITTY: She is gone upstairs, I believe.

MRS BENNET: Well, go to her this moment and tell her not to come down till she has put on a clean collar. You naughty girl! Why did you tear your sister’s bonnet?

KITTY: Because she would wear it in spite of what I said, and it is very ugly. It looks all the better for being torn. It will never be fit to wear again, so there is no harm done. Lydia does not know how to put it on, so I shall lend her one of my black ones with red strings that becomes me so well. Mamma, do you not think crimson becomes me better than black?

MRS BENNET: Crimson! No, that would be too daring. Black is much more elegant.

KITTY: But it is so dull. Nobody wears black now except old ladies and prodigals. I am sure I should like crimson very well if you would only let me wear it. Do say yes, Mamma! Please do!

MRS BENNET: No, my love, you must not think of it. Your uncle Philips saw you in black last Sunday and said how well it became you.

KITTY: I do not care what my uncle Philips says. I am resolved to be crimson. Mamma, do say yes!

MRS BENNET: But it will stain your petticoat.

KITTY: Oh, never mind my petticoat! It will soon wash out. Please, Mamma!

[Kitty continues to beg as Elizabeth and Jane exchange amused looks.]

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