Personality of Things

TechCrunch, July 2019

The increasing presence of virtual assistants, IoT devices, and robots in private homes will inevitably lead to casual interaction between humans and machines. Will these devices be treated as inanimate tools, living creatures, or even family members? Adding personality to our digital devices can either delight or frustrate users, and the balance point is far from clear.

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Below is a sample of my publications while at Strategic Business Insights. Access to full articles requires a subscription.

The Internet of (Obsolete) Things - November 2015
Smart, Not Social, Appliances - September 2015
Wi-Fi First Mobile Networks - May 2015
Sensors for Autonomous Vehicle Navigation - March 2015
Printed RFID Tags - October 2014
Paper Microfluidics - August 2014
Terrestrial ISPs as Potential MVNOs - June 2014
Progress in Piezoelectric Power - May 2014
Over-the-Top Services and Data-Only Plans - July 2013
Beyond Megapixels: Innovations in CMOS Imagers - April 2013

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