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Experiments with Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry is the science of making measurements from photographs, but in modern times this science has been focused particularly on generating 3D models of objects in the real world. Although most use cases of the technology are in generating 3D models of artifacts or trinkets like vases, I believe it has a strong value as an engine to power massive virtual representations of the real world. After discovering some of the awesome locations in and Destinations, and emboldened by my own early VR experimentation with Unity, I decided to experiment with Photogrammetry myself. Using over 400 photos from different angles, I used Reality Capture to identify marker points in specific images, pull them together into one cohesive model. When completed, I colorized and exported the files to Destinations, where it is now available for anyone to download and experiment with. Initial feedback was great, and the project made the weekly #1 most popular download spot.

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