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No-Compromise VR Machine

After experiencing virtual reality (VR) for the first time, my parents decided that they wanted a system of their own. However, rather than simply buying a pre-built system (usually over-priced and at bare-minimum spec) they asked me to build them a computer, but one that will be future-proofed against next-gen VR requirements and yet still be beautiful enough to keep in a living room. The specs I chose (listed below) are well above current requirements for this (and likely next) generation of VR headsets, but the key differentiation point here is the assembly and lighting of the case. The case is milled from a single solid block of aluminum with giant tempered glass side panels on both sides, making it the most elegant choice available. Blue lights from the three high-airflow fans match those of the graphics card and CPU coolers to create a slow "breathing" glow. Key lights on the coolers also change color if certain high temperature thresholds are met, and a diagnostic display listing real-time temperatures of key components is visible through the glass.Cable management in the back prevents a wirey mess outside the computer, and easily accessible U/I, including USB type C connectors are on the side. Filtered air intake vents further reduce maintenance and other problems.

Key Specs:

ASUS MAXIMUS VIII Extreme motherboard

Intel i7 6700K processor

NVidia GTX 1080


Intel 750 Series SSD

4TB bulk storage

HTC Vive

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